TGIF – Twitter, Google, Internet, Facebook…. now Word Press!

Hello  and thank you for checking out my blog!

Do you have a blog? Should you have a blog? What should the content of a blog be? Ahhh…the questions that many of you are asking?  Well…maybe not…but it is a question that I have asked myself many times over.  The short answer is….Yes!

In the ever changing environment of marketing, SEO, social media, and on and on and on… what does one do with their time to maximize their exposure to their clients and customers.

Answer: Twitter, Google, Internet, Facebook or what I once heard referenced as the new TGIF….

For myself, I am still trying to master the tools of TGIF to ensure my SEO increases. Hopefully I am not too late by adding blogging with Word Press to my toolbox…. Stay Tuned!


About flcommercialrealestate
Mr. Arthur Diekman serves as a Commercial Real Estate Broker for Main Street & Main, and specializes in the sale, purchase and leasing of retail properties. He has experience with both national chains and independent owners in site-selection, lease negotiations, financial analysis and business strategic development. Prior to joining the EnterDine Team @ Main Street & Main, Mr. Diekman worked for a fortune 50 Company as a marketing and sales professional and led the distribution of product sales through an international network of dealers. In this capacity, Mr. Diekman gained valuable experience in establishing and executing business plans, evaluating business performance metrics and negotiating win-win solutions for his clients. Mr. Diekman also has a strong leadership background that was developed as a top performing military officer. He is a Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and continues to serve in the United States Army Reserve. Mr. Diekman is a consummate professional and continues to find ways to better serve his clients. He recently earned his MBA from The University of Tampa and is currently pursuing the prestigious Certified Commercial Investment Member designation (CCIM). He is active in the commercial real estate community and is a member of the Florida Gulfcoast Commercial Association of Realtors (FGCAR).

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